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Join the tiny revolution. Invest your microbiome (stool) sample in science to help advance research—and share in the profit.

The BioCollective | Become a Member

Learn how to become a member of The BioCollective and how members share in revenue generated from our microbiome bank.


Become A Member

It's simple. When you purchase a microbiome analysis kit, you receive a comprehensive microbiome report and the opportunity to contribute to cutting-edge microbiome research. What's more, as your sample is re-sold you become eligible to receive a % of these earnings back! This is an investment in your health that pays back in more ways than one. 


The real magic happens when you purchase your BioCollector kit!

Your kit order includes:

Link to a comprehensive health history survey to tie into current research

A BioCollector kit with return shipping labels

A high sequencing analysis report on your microbiome*

Profit share when your sample is sold to researchers or institutions above a certain amount

A chance to contribute to cutting-edge microbiome research

*The depth of your sequencing report depends on which level kit you purchase. Create your account to view your options today!

Still curious about how collection works? View our easy-to-follow video below.