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Join the tiny revolution. Invest your microbiome (stool) sample in science to help advance research—and share in the profit.

The BioCollective | Researchers


I have worked in the area of assessing gut microbes for more than 25 years. Though we go to the bathroom every day, the act of gathering the specimen is usually the most difficult part of the process! Enter the BioCollective. Their unique design, the simple collection tool, the straightforward instructions, and the self-contained shipping package made this process as simple as going to the bathroom. Hallelujah!

This will become the standard until we have specialized toilets that do all of this for us!
— Patrick J. Hanaway, MD, Medical Director, Center for Functional Medicine, Cleveland Clinic

Much More than DNA…

Are you a researcher who requires high-quality,
well-characterized and affordable microbiome samples?

We designed The BioCollector (patent pending) to collect the entire stool sample and
preserve the viability of the microbiome so a whole lot more than 16S sequencing is possible.

We’d love to count you as one of our early BioProspectors.
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