What makes SugarBuster Biotica different from other probiotics?

Choose a probiotic with purpose - Choose SugarBuster Biotica

SugarBuster Biotica is The BioCollective’s new patent pending eight strain probiotic formula designed to shift metabolism in your gut.  Most people know that probiotics are a beneficial addition to a gut health regime, but may not know how to choose one or why one may be different from another.

Most probiotics on the shelf today are more similar to one another than they are different. In reality, there are only a few global suppliers of the strains of bacteria in today’s probiotics. The strains you may find most familiar are the Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria strains, which are easy to produce in large volumes.  Some sub-types of these strains are well researched, others less so. 

SugarBuster Biotica is different

So - what’s different about our formula?  First, we set out to create a formula that restores actual function back to the gut. Our formula was designed using our BioFlux™ Metabolic Model that identified genes that may help bacteria convert the excess sugars glucose and fructose into the sugar known as mannitol in our gut. In theory, by removing the excess glucose and fructose and turning it into mannitol in the gut, we have a better chance of feeding a healthier profile of bacteria while removing these other simple sugars from our system.


Why Mannitol?

Why Mannitol? Mannitol is one of the most abundant energy and carbon storage molecules in nature. Today’s Western Diet is loaded with carbohydrates and is high in sugars like glucose and fructose. As with all things in nature, balance is important and it is particularly important with simple sugars like glucose and fructose which control so many metabolic functions in the body.

Restoring this mannitol function to your gut ecosystem cannot be achieved by simply consuming high mannitol foods like watermelon and sweet potato or using a mannitol sweetener. The mannitol-fructose metabolic pathway, like most other carbohydrate fermentation pathways, is self-balancing, meaning that if too much of one builds up it will reverse the biological pathway and start making the other. In addition to being a great food source for probiotic bacteria, Mannitol also has diuretic properties and has been shown to pull fluid into the colon - which may help relieve constipation and make your bowel movements more regular.  

Our Formula

Our eight strain formula includes two strains of bacteria that are proprietary to us. We developed and isolated these specific strains for many reasons, one of which is for the bacteriocins they possess. Bacteriocins are products produced by bacteria that target the elimination of other harmful bacteria.

Below is an explanation of our proprietary strains and their bacteriocins:

  1. L. reuteri

    1. Bacteriocins function = reduce the chances of developing the food borne illness Listeria

      1. Linocin M18

        1. Inhibits 90.5% of L. monocytogenes strains, a main contributor of Listeria spp

      2. Brochocin-C

        1. Inhibits the Listeria spp bacterial strain production

        2. Inhibits other major pathogens, such as both the vegetative cells and the spores of Bacillus and Clostridium spp. – including C. botulinum - a bacteria found in improperly canned foods

  2. P. acidilactici

    1. Bacteriocin function = reduces E. Coli strain presence as well as P. aeruginosa levels

      1. Colicin

        1. Targets E. coli strains via pore formation

      2. Pyocin S1

        1. Soluble bacteriocin that potentially harnesses DNases (enzymes that degrade DNA) of the E2 group of colicins and targets similar strains of P. aeruginosa. Pathogenic E. coli in addition to P. aeruginosa are commonly associated with dysbiosis (gut imbalance). May harness great therapeutic potential to inhibit the growth of these two deleterious organisms, thereby restoring the your microbiota to a normalized state of eubiosis (healthy gut balance).


Our formula is also packed full of other beneficial bacteria, including Leuconostoc mesenteroides, Leuconostoc spp, Pediococcus and Lactobacillus. Leuconostoc spp are part of the symbiotic colonies of bacteria and yeast or SCOBY involved in the fermentation of kefir, a fermented milk beverage. You may recognize Pediococcus and Lactobacillus as active ingredients in the fermentation of cabbage, making it sauerkraut or kimchi. Next, we added a versatile bacteria that comes from the soil. Our ancestors used to come in contact with soil every day. Our modern lifestyles have taken us far away from the many beneficial microbes that are found in soil.  We use a strain called Bacillus subtilis. Bacillus subtilis has been shown to be effective and modulating the immune system.  

What do people say about SugarBuster Biotica?

Is SugarBuster Biotica for you? Everyone is different, however our customer testimonials speak for themselves! Here’s what some of our customers have to say about our product...

Rick S.

“...my gut hasn’t felt this good in ages. Thank you for making a product that works with mother nature, and Parkinson’s disease patients”

Zoe Z.

“Due to my anxiety and gluten allergy I suffer from lack of appetite and poor digestion. Within a week of taking SugarBuster my digestion had improved and I became more regular. After 30 days on SugarBuster I finally made it to over 100 lbs again, a goal I’ve been working towards for 2 years. SugarBuster is helping me get the nutrients I need to finally feel healthy and energetic again!”

Merredith B.

“I have several complicated autoimmune conditions, and control them primarily with diet, supplements and probiotics — and just a few medications.  I have understood for a while that sugar makes autoimmune conditions worse — but it’s difficult to avoid, since so many different nutrients metabolize as sugar, and it hides in everyday products (like ketchup, or pasta sauce) as well.

So when The BioCollective introduced SugarBuster Biotica (SBB), I was game to try it — and the results have been impressive, at least for me.  I take SBB every day, and can absolutely tell the difference. I sleep better, I have lost weight, and I have much less pain. If I know I’m going out with friends for a glass of wine, I take an extra SBB before I go to bed, and it’s pretty miraculous — no headache! I absolutely recommend this to anyone.”

Helen B.

“SugarBuster Biotica has helped me balance my glycemic levels throughout my day! I have a more steady flow of energy even when I miss a meal during my busy work day. I love this product and recommend it for my clients to improve their energy levels and intestinal health. It really works!”

If you’re curious - try it today and see for yourself! Visit https://www.thebiocollective.com/probiotics/ to shop.

Take Part in a Tiny Revolution,

The BioCollective Team

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration and this supplement has not been clinically proven to balance sugar metabolism. Results may vary depending on many additional factors, including lifestyle, illness, medications, diet, and more. 

Martha Carlin