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Patented BioCollector  for easy,
comprehensive stool collection 

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The BioCollector™ is the industry’s only complete sample collection system for whole stool. Our kit includes a hands-free collector, designed to make sample collection easy and simple for both the subject/patient and the researcher. Collecting the whole stool allows for homogenization, which produces identical replicates for multiple pipelines and reduces bias in sample collection. 

The BioCollector™ was specifically designed to provide 
scientifically valid samples easily collected from home.

Products BioCollectors


  • Easy at home collection improves participant compliance

  • Maintains 4° C for
    up to 48 hours  

  • Suitable for collecting
    stools for genomic, metabolomic, proteomic,
    and strain isolations

  • Patented design


  • Multiple identical aliquots can be created for expanded and reproducible research

  • Provides an economical solution for multiple studies

  • Whole stool eliminates the bias associated with subsampling of partial stool


  • Whole stool collection enables homogenized replicates for repeated and expanded research

  • Eliminates “sampling” bias by the participant/

  • Simple for the participant/patient, no scooping or handling the stool prior to shipping

TruMatrix  improves data quality.

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“One accurate measurement is worth a thousand expert opinions.”

Grace Murray Hopper

Rear Admiral US NAVY

While microbiome research continues to grow exponentially, much of the research has not used positive or negative controls, to eliminate bias and standardize data. TruMatrix™ enables results that are readily comparable across research sites and easily validated for quality control.

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D6323_ZymoBIOMICS Fecal Reference with T

The BioCollective, working with DNANexus and Janssen Pharmaceuticals, developed a homogenized whole stool fecal reference sample for their Mosaic Standards Challenge, TruMatrix. TruMatrix was able to identify multiple bias that can be introduced in various stages of the microbiome research pipeline.

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Leveraging our expertise in whole stool collection, homogenization and processing we are working with NIST to set new industry standards by developing positive, negative, and spiked controls for microbiome research.

TruMatrix  fecal reference samples 


with TruMatrix™ Technology

Use: Multi (10 uses per vial)

Volume: 1 mL

Concentration: 10 mg/mL 

DNA/RNA Shield™



Use: Single 

Volume: 1 mL

Concentration: 100 mg/mL 

OMNI-gene® • GUT • Spiked



Use: Single

Volume: 100 mg

Concentration: 100 mg/mL 

No buffer

All samples with TruMatrix  Technology

  • Transport and store at ambient temperature

  • Barcoded for full traceability

  • Microbial diversity fully representative of the gut microbiome

  • More representative than “mock” communities in aqueous suspensions

  • Limit impact of bar code bleeding

  • Validated method of fecal homogenization and sample preparation to achieve a consistent microbial profile

  • WGS and 16S reference data from multiple pipelines and kits


In order to expedite discoveries and confirm findings, the microbiome field will have to find a way to compare research and repeat clinical study results. This will require the introduction of accepted protocols and standards across labs and research institutions.

Microbiome standards and reference materials help enable federal, academic, and industry labs to reliably reproduce research and study results; thereby enabling the commercial and clinical translation of microbiome science.

TruMatrix reference samples were developed in collaboration with NIST, Mosaic and Zymo Research

Products Fecal Sample Bank

Fecal Sample Bank 

Cohorts graphic.png

The BioCollective has collected an extensive library of fecal samples ranging from subjects aged 1 to 102, with a broad diversity of health & lifestyles and with metadata for age, sex, medications, diet and more. These samples and their data can be utilized for research, developing therapeutics, creating functional probiotics, and identifying biomarkers. 

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  • Homogenized replicates allow for work to be repeated and expanded in multiple pipelines from the same fecal sample

  • Multiple aliquots for multi-use, including genomics, metabolomics, proteomics, isolation and culturing, and animal models

  • Standard method of collection using the BioCollector™ and a validated collection process to maintain 4° C temp during transport

  • Validated for isolation and culturing of anaerobes

  • Broad population samples available:
    50% healthy, as well as cohorts in Parkinson’s, IBD, Crohn’s, Autism, Cancer, Thyroid disease, and more 

  • Metadata: age, sex, medications, diet

  • Metagenomic data available

Preparation:  1 g neat   |   .2 g neat  |   1.5 ml cryopreserved in PBS Glycerol

BioFlux  Metabolic Model

We accelerate product development for our partners, rapidly creating products with specific functions.

BioFlux Metabolic Model leverages over 2,500 strain genomes,1700 metabolites, metagenomic microbiome data sets, a proprietary strain bank and predictive analytics for novel functional formula development. We power our model with databases developed and supported by Argonne National Laboratory.

Our in silico modeling capacity produces actionable results for efficient and rapid prototyping as well as existing product optimization.

The BioCollective and its partner PaleoBiotica have over 1,500 unique strains, originating from diverse and unique environments including deep-sea cores and ancient environments. These strains may also be utilized in product development. 

Product BioFlux
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