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Titan 100 Award | Sept 2020

Martha Carlin Wins Titan 100 Award 

As a systems, operations and business expert, Martha lead the turn-around of the largest $5B mortgage default in US history returning it to profitability of $120M in just four years and returning all the capital to the lenders. An impressive track record of career success, science was not necessarily Martha R. Carlin’s niche.  Read Article

Martha Carlin

Microbiome Times | Sept 2018

Setting the stage for rapid and continual microbiome-focused innovation

The human microbiome plays a fundamental role in human health and disease. While many studies link microbiome composition to phenotypes, we lack understanding…

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Martha Carlin

PubMed | May 2018

American Gut: an Open Platform for Citizen Science Microbiome Research.

The human microbiome plays a fundamental role in human health and disease. While many studies link microbiome composition to phenotypes, we lack understanding…

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Dr. Naseer Sangwan

CosmosID | May 2020

Standards for Microbiome and Metagenomics

In Webinar #3, Scott Jackson, from the National Institute of Standards, will discuss the latest plans for standardization across the entire microbiome workflow in order to generate high quality data to fast track translational applicationsRead Article

Scott Jackson, NIST

NIH Grant | Feb 2020

$1.2m Fast Track Grant from NIH to Develop Nation’s First Microbiome Reference Standard

There’s a new breakthrough to make microbiome research easier: The BioCollective, a comprehensive platform for microbiome discovery, data, samples, strains and collection, today announced it has been awarded a $1.2 million Fast Track Grant from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences of the National Institutes of Health (NIGMS/NIH). Read Article

Martha Carlin

Microbiome Times | Aug 2018

BioCollective CEO Wins Science & Innovation Award for Collaborative Microbiome Scientific Discovery Platform

Nutrition Business Journal (NBJ) recently recognized the industry leadership of The BioCollective co-founder and CEO Martha Carlin by awarding her their annual prize for Science & Innovation. Read Article

Martha Carlin

NBJ | Feb 2018

NBJ Award Winners announced

The BioCollective takes a unique approach to microbiome research, creating a body of knowledge that will allow researchers to build the science to fuel new generations of gut-health products. Read Article

Martha Carlin

NBJ | June 2017

From the gut: Q&A with BioCollective cofounder Martha Carlin

What do you get when you bring an accountant into the world of microbiome research? In Martha Carlin’s case you get the BioCollective, a membership-based gut research organization that allows members to submit fecal samples and learn about their microbiome while also sharing in the sale of that sample to researchers. Read Article

Martha Carlin

The Scientist | June 2020

A Citizen Scientist Makes Her Mark in Microbiome Research

In 2015, Martha Carlin founded The BioCollective and began work on a stool-collecting kit that could help microbiome researchers standardize their work. Read Article

Martha Carlin

Nature | June 2018

Setting standards for reproducibility in gut microbiome research.

“Before we can make correlations of microorganisms with a condition, we need to know that the microbiome we have is reflective of reality.”

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Dr. Raul Cano, PhD

Tomorrow Edition | Dec 2017

Interview with CEO of

The BioCollective

Our gut is our internal pharmacy where food and drinks are transformed into vitamins, hormones, neurotransmitters and enzymes.  In order for us to be healthy we must restore the function and balance of this vital organ.

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Martha Carlin

Colorado Public Radio | May 2016

Bacteria In Your Stool May Help Battle Disease

A first step in learning more is to gather stool samples. That's the mission of The BioCollective, a Colorado-based company that gives people financial incentives to collect their stools for science.  Read Article

Martha Carlin

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